Hoffman’s digital-print line brings us back to early days of Hoffman Woolens in 1924. Rube Hoffman, founder began in Woolens and eventually changed the company name to Hoffman California Fabrics to reflect the California color and style.


We, the Hoffman Family, were excited to celebrate our 95th year as a family owned and run business! Naturally, we wanted to celebrate with YOU because it is your creativity and loyalty to our brand that allows us to continue to lead the way in textiles. There was no better way to celebrate than joining in on the 31st Annual Hoffman Challenge. The “Hoffman’s First Stitch” digital print collection along with three of our Me+You Indah Batiks made up the 2019-2020 Hoffman Challenge Collection. We have put you to the ultimate test last year! For the first time ever, Hoffman Challenge participants was required to use all 6 fabrics in their artwork entry. Now let's see what you all have come up with!


Thank you to the participants for your extraordinary works of art!

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