Creative Play with Applique

Sheila Collins, Fiber Art

When it comes to careers, Sheila Collins is something of a shape-shifter, changing professions and directions as needed.

Sheila's sewing roots began in garment sewing when she was taught by her mom at age seven. She later made several patchwork quilts in her teens. Her love of sewing inspired her to earn a BFA in fashion design from Stephens College. In her late 20s she pursued a new creative direction and attended Cincinnati Academy of Design where she studied commercial art and graphic design. Upon graduation, Sheila worked for a small advertising agency for a year before going solo and having her own graphic design business for 20+ years.

Around 2005 Sheila was reintroduced to quilting by joining a local quilt guild.

In 2009 Sheila attended a seminar on how to market your art, and that meeting would take her in another new creative direction. She combined her backgrounds in fashion design and graphic design with her love of sewing to create dimensional fabric art that is bright, cheerful, and fun. Her specialty is raw edge fusible appliqué. Sheila's creative journey also includes participating in some 50 juried art festivals. Presently, she enjoys sharing her art through presentations, workshops, and patterns.

You can connect with Sheila Collins on Facebook: Sheila Collins Fabric Art, or and on Instagram: @kailuasheila

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