World Wide Whispers

A collection of original pieces made by international quilt artists from

Scotland, Ireland, The Netherlands, the USA and Canada

World Wide Whispers is a display of 60 International quilts. The project was led by Ann Hill (Scotland), with Paula Rafferty (Ireland), Jeltje van Essen (The Netherlands), Debbi Cagney (USA) and Kim Caskey (Canada) all agreeing to participate. It was agreed that each country would contribute 12 quilts during this year long project. The leader of each country started things off using an original photo as inspiration to create their piece, photographing their finished piece and sending the photo and artist statement to the next person on the team. That next team member used that photo as their inspiration to create their piece, photographed it and sent it along to the next person, and so on and so on. Confidentiality was of utmost importance, as quilters received information about the previous piece only. Once each country’s pieces were completed, the collection was revealed to all of the participants.

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